ESIFC instruction around the state

It was a wonderful, hands-on day of exploring the new ESIFC standards, design thinking and how to incorporate these skills and approaches into the lessons librarians are implementing in their libraries.

We had 14 librarians from the Erie 2 and CA BOCES regions come together in Randolph, NY beneath the hallowed mastodon skull at the Randolph Free Library. The event was a joint effort of the Erie 2 and CA School Library Systems.

The Erie 1 BOCES SLS and Orleans/Niagara BOCES SLS welcomed Education consultant and former SLS director Paige Jaeger to dig deep with the ESIFC. Through engaging hands-on activities and planning, librarians focused on the Framework and Priority Skills; equipping them with graphic organizer “assessments’; spend more time strengthening their understanding of inquiry and had time to dig deeper on their own. This is a full day seminar very well attended held at the Erie 1 BOCES educaional Campus 12.5.2019.